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Japan is the third largest economy in the world.   Almost every major investors invest in Japan.  Or you may consider entering into the Japanese markets.  However, in terms of information, it may not be easy to gather dependable information; Japanese companies looks somewhat vague and opaque...  Institute of Global Research ( IGR ) provides customized information abut Japanese companies and economies.   Please contact us if you are interested in our service.

IGR also provides information for the corporations, banks and institutional investors in Japan.  In particular, IGR often research “Best Practices” of banking in the US, and writes articles for the popular banking magazines in Japan.

In addition, IGR conducts marketing research in the US for the Japanese companies that consider entering into the US markets.

i.e., IGR provides bilateral business/banking information between the US and Japan.


Institute of Global Research (IGR) is a research company in greater New York area.  IGR’s strengths are in financial research, banking industry research in both in the US and Japan.

We need information about Japan.  But how?


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